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Is Window Cleaning all I do?

I’ve been a window washer for over 15 years now. Cleaning windows in places like Columbus, Cincinnati, Zanesville, Granville, Lancaster, Cambridge and a hundred places in between. I’ve also done a lot of pressure washing over those years. Pressure washing concrete and vinyl siding on homes and businesses. I bring this up because, although it is usually a once-in-a-while job that takes a few hours, this week I have multiple days filled up with pressure washing jobs. And this week it is all residential. Mostly vinyl and a little stone and concrete and a few small decks. I don’t particularly like power washing decks but I will take my time and make sure the wood doesn’t get damaged.

I also offer some other services that you can find listed in the Services page.Pressure washing

P.S. The picture is from Flickr.com. I have never attempted to wash any animal with my pressure washer.

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