We've got the POWER to keep it CLEAN

New Hogs Hair Brush!

We just got a new upgrade to our pure water cleaning brush. Hog hair bristles! Hogs Hair(or boars hair) flattens out on the glass to create a larger scrubbing area and has more agitation than our original nylon brushes.

The using of natural hair fibres, in particular HOGS HAIR, has proved a winner for glass cleaning for many years. The bristles have been packed thick so we get the best contact on the glass .. with 100% Hogs Hair.

Hire Local!

It's Small business Saturday! You can help support our local community by finding local business (like ours!) to help with getting your home or business clean for the upcoming season. We are still busy with window cleaning and pressure washing projects all through the winter. If you would like a quote and get on our schedule then contact us today.

Clean better with Pure Clean

We have been using a new pure water cleaning system this year with great success! Thanks to help from Brandon at Pure Clean window cleaning we have been able to clean more windows faster and better. Utilizing a multi-stage water filter system and Hi-Mod Carbon Fiber poles, we can clean windows to a spotless shine up to 7 stories tall! Call us for a free estimate or demo today.


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