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Cold Weather Pressure Wash

On February 24, 2014, I was wondering around Lowe’s looking at tools that I need/want. I get a call from Keystone Construction around 6pm. They have been remodeling some rooms at the America’s Best Value Inn in Heath, Oh and they have made a huge mess on the ground outside the rooms. He tells me they are having an inspection and need the area cleaned tomorrow! This is the mess I see when I get there.

photo 1 photo 2









The high temp is only 32*(no surprise there, its still February) and I’m not sure if this is just going to create a ice rink. After expressing my concerns, I tell them I can take care of it. I rearrange some things I had planned for the next day and de-winterize the pressure washer and get to work. It warms up nicely in the afternoon hours and the job goes really smoothly, despite being last minute and really cold. By the end of the day, no one could tell there was any construction done there at all(except for the nice new rooms inside).

America's Best Value Inn, After #3

America's Best Value Inn, After #1




America's Best Value Inn, After #2