We've got the POWER to keep it CLEAN


Running your own business is on of the greatess things in the world. I get to decide when I work, how much I want to work for, how long my lunch break is, and I dont have to beg a boss for time off. I have been running my own window cleaning business for over 8 years now and its just about the best job ever. I enjoy doing the work I do and I like working hard at it. It’s a nice feeling to see the finished product of a nice clean, clear window. The smiling face of a happy customer is a real treat as well.

I think I have figured out the windows part of my job but the office work is still a struggle. I dont stay in touch with clients after the job as well as I should. After all, repeat business is on my bigest positives. But I’m going to keep working at it.

In the meantime, I as busy as ever from all my clients that dont forget to call me for thier cleaning and I appreciate each and every one.

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